Enjoy life and get more done with
video teachings, live workshops and daily exercises…
Working Light produces better results with less effort
 Create and experience flow whenever you need it and enjoy a calm, relaxed state of mind that comes from feeling in control.


 Imagine tasks on your to-do list disappearing as they either get done by others or no longer need to be done at all. 
 Attract enjoyment and deep satisfaction into your life by being more open, grounded and relaxed. 
 Create more of what you want
and less of what you don’t 
  Can you imagine how much more you could get done if work energised you rather than drained you? 
 You’ll naturally begin to replace the negativity of stress & worry with positive energy and vitality.

  How much more could you achieve if you and your team were more effective? 
 As you get better at what you do, work becomes an arena for spiritual expansion - which has a profound effect on your business performance.

How will you spend the extra hours in your day? 

  What fun new ideas and opportunities will come to you by thinking clearly? 
 As you begin to make better decisions about what to do next, life and business becomes infinitely more enjoyable. 
 Are you ready to enjoy life and get more done…? 
 Working Light is
for you if… 
  You’re working too hard… 
 And you’re worried about what it’s doing to your health, your business, your career and your family. 
  Your mind is busy 
 Perhaps you’ve tried to calm your mind with meditation or mindfulness techniques but your thoughts are too disruptive or distracting. Over-thinking can turn you into a blunt tool and lead to mental or physical dis-ease.

Relax. Now you’ve discovered Working Light, you won’t have to sacrifice yourself for years on the altar of hard work.

  Your schedule is busy 
 Maybe you’ve used time management systems to squeeze more into your days. But the most important things in life don’t fit into neat time slots on your calendar.

The more you ignore your natural rhythms, creativity and humanness, the more you feel like you're losing control of your life. And if your business or career loses its meaning, your wealth will be affected.

Ask yourself, do you really want to make money at the expense of your greater purpose?
  Your life is busy 
 Productivity tools help you get more done - but if that extra activity doesn’t enrich your life, doing more only leaves you dissatisfied, disillusioned and disempowered.

The quality of your interactions with others suffers when you take too much on and you miss out on the simple pleasures in life.

Let’s be honest, can you afford to allow your ambition to interfere with your relationships?

 Working light is an evolved way of working
that's relaxing and enjoyable. 
  It’s a powerful daily routine based on 3 core principles… 
 Receive all the energy you need to get more done without feeling stressed. 
 Stimulate your curiosity and creativity to achieve more at work by doing less. 
 Gain clarity to make better decisions and allow joy to flow into your life. 

 Are you ready to enjoy life and get more done…? 
Energy Expert Sarah McCrum
Creator of Working Light
  Meet Your Coach 

Sarah McCrum is a former BBC radio broadcaster turned author who burned out after throwing herself into work following a family tragedy.

An acupuncture treatment in 1989 sparked an interest in energy that has spanned 34 years of personal practice, 22 years of training with Chinese masters and two and a half decades of coaching business owners and leaders to abundance and fulfilment.

In 2018 while leading high performers at a retreat on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Sarah experienced a breakthrough that has proven to be more energising than working hard and more effective than working smart.

This ground-breaking approach has helped hundreds of professionals and business owners transform their careers, businesses & lives.

It’s called Working Light and this is your opportunity to experience it for yourself.

 What’s included in Working Light? 
A 5 day live retreat with Sarah sells for $5500 and is currently only available for private groups. A private session with Sarah costs $1000 and only lasts for one hour.Now you can study with Sarah for three whole months in your own time.

And includes a wealth of materials that you will be able to use for years after the end of the course.

Enrol in Working Light today and get instant access to all this for just

 Working Light Course Curriculum 

12 x Video Lessons

Learn how to relax properly and release busy-ness from your life, so you experience more flow, more energy and more enjoyment. Discover the core principles of Working Light that will enable you to make healthy decisions about how you work and manage your time, and get a lot more done too.

20x Guided Energy Activations

Listen every weekday or workday and start your day with calmness and mental clarity. You will continue to notice the effect for the rest of the day, as your energy becomes more balanced and you find yourself performing better without effort.

Honesty Cards

50 prompt cards

Each card has a powerful question about work that will help you self-direct your learning. Draw a card from the pack each day, and as you answer the questions with honesty, you will find yourself naturally taking back control of your life and your time.

Bonus Working Light
Energy Expansion Toolkit 

Get results faster with an additional 41 energy activation audios to help you deal with specific work and life situations including…

  • Keep Calm Under Pressure
  • How to Get the Energy You Need for Any Situation
  • Being Present When You're Busy

Plus 28 podcasts on related topics.

Value $300

 How to enrol in Working Light
Getting started is easy…  
  Step 1
Click ENROL NOW   
Choose a currency and fill out your contact information and billing address 
  Step 2 
Choose a pricing option

a) Quick Start
One-time payment of $500 Instant access to the entire program. 

b) Pay as you Grow
3 instalments of $200 every 30 days (total $600) New content delivered each week.

  Step 3 
Begin Working Light
  1. Study the course curriculum
  2. Listen to the energy activations
  3. Use prompt cards to ask better questions Notice how much more enjoyable life is and how much more you're getting done.
 Working Light is GUARANTEED to work for you 
Your work is to study the video lessons and listen to the guided energy activations every weekday or workday.

Invest 10 minutes a day to think about the questions on your prompt cards and participate in the live Q&A sessions with Sarah if you get stuck. You will improve your likelihood of success by attending the optional, weekly practice sessions.

After 30 days of practising Working Light, you will notice an improvement in your energy levels, in your effectiveness at work and in your relationships.

If you do not, please send an honest email to Sarah explaining where you are at and where you are stuck and she will personally coach you via email until you experience the breakthrough you’re seeking.

What others are saying about
Working Light
My whole life had been about pushing for results. And then I learned that actually pulling is way more effective and more fun.

It’s been a complete game changer for me and my work life and my personal life.

Working Light is a completely different way of looking at how to accomplish things. It puts you in touch with your own guidance, which we all have. And it allows you to be more clear and more free and more relaxed in your work. And to get more done by doing less.

It's allowed me more time to relax. So I'm not as concerned or uptight about trying to make things happen in a certain direction or sequence. I'm more able to identify what I want and open up and invite that. The principles of Working Light have really applied through my entire life. So it's not just about working. It's really a way of moving in the world.
When you run your own business you’re involved in a lot of different activities and need to be effective across different areas.

It helped me to really think, okay, what are the few key things I need to get done today, and focus on how I needed to show up for those activities with more intention.

When you're really working lighter and feeling grounded and relaxed in what you're doing, then work flows more easily. Difficult moments and discomfort can be embraced more readily, more creative solutions can be found, and things are less exhausting and more enjoyable.

Anyone who wants to find greater balance in how they're working or who is not enjoying the way they're working will benefit.

Working light will be a great toolkit to give people more energy to meet their aspirations.
 Are you ready to enjoy life and get more done…?