Align Your Purpose, Work, Money and Life With Your True Self


Love Money, Money Loves You:
A Conversation With The Energy of Money​

This book speaks powerfully to entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone who is motivated to make the world a better place and make money at the same time.

ENERGY On Demand:

Master your personal energy and never burn out

This book is for business owners and leaders who need more energy, think too much, work too hard and have no time for themselves.

Short Courses

Choose from the short courses below to experience shifts in your relationship with energy, money or work. These are introductory courses that allow you to experience Sarah’s way of working, whilst improving an area of your life that you’d love to have a better relationship with. All prices is USD.

Free Ebooks

Three small ebooks that share: how you can work lighter and get richer; how to have a significant positive impact in the world with lightness and grace whilst turning challenges into beautiful outcomes; and the patterns and principles of natural healing that you can apply in your own life. Click on a book cover below, enter your details and you’ll be sent a link to the ebook via email. 

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