ENERGETICS For Highly Sensitive People
Reconnect with your true energy, ground deeply and free up your spirit, so you can access your natural abilities
With David Router
Highly sensitive people have so much to offer the world with their exceptional subtle abilities
Sadly they tend to feel shut down or easily overwhelmed. They’ve had to detune their sensitivity to handle an over-busy, noisy world. It becomes challenging to access the unique gifts that are their greatest asset.

David Router has been working with highly sensitive people for over 20 years. He is highly sensitive himself and a Master of Subtle Energy. He specializes in teaching you how to tune up your subtle senses and let go of old energies that don’t belong to you. This protects you from feeling invaded by other people’s energy and frees you up to develop your powerful, natural gifts.
You're Invited to ENERGETICS For Highly Sensitive People
A 5-part course for highly-sensitive and energetically curious people
 Reconnect parts of your energy that have split off, often since early childhood. 
 Imagine tasks on your to-do list disappearing as they either get done by others or no longer need to be done at all. 
 Let go of being overwhelmed by other people's energy so you can access multiple subtle senses and intuitive abilities. 
 Experience unique, practical exercises that have changed the lives of many highly sensitive people.

 Discover your true strength and liberate your spirit so you can always find your life direction. 

This course is for you if you are curious about energy and naturally empathic, intuitive or sensitive. Or you feel shut down or easily overwhelmed because your sensitivity has been suppressed or denied.
Dates and Times
 5 sessions in 5 weeks | Includes a final balance
N and S America and Asia-Pacific

USA: Thu 9 May - 6 Jun at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET
AUS: Frid 10 May to 7 Jun at 10 am  AEST

Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific

EUR: Wed 8 May - 5 Jun at 8 am UK /  9am CET
AUS: Wed 8 May - 5 Jun at 5pm  AEST

 Are you ready to integrate your energy? 
What Do People Experience with David ?
Audrey Thompson
During these turbulent times, through the pandemic, it has been and still is my regular go to, to ground and recenter myself as well as getting rid off what doesn't serve me anymore and accessing the new Wells of energies.

It literally enabled me to surf on the covid wave rather than drowning in it. Thanks to the wisdom and practical tools you both share so generously, I find myself birthing into a new exciting life.

And it's not only me but everyone around me who benefit from your work and gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please receive my heartfelt gratitude and love. 🙏🏻💖😊✨
Vaughn Kauffman

This work with David is Profound. It is beyond any support I have ever received and I am deeply moved and grateful. The initial work shifted an anger/ depression I’d had for years.

Once that shifted the anxiety became apparent and for the first time in my life I’ve experienced anxiety free moments. Thank you David and thanks to Sarah for offering the course.

Andrej Vasle
I did the first course and it was really wonderful for me. I was going through some difficult period and during the course I found myself all of a sudden feeling quite good for absolutely no reason at all.

And that was quite surprise for me. And those daily routines, I really keep holding us daily routines, almost daily routines. Very good stuff. Thank you.
Anna Cole
The down to earth warmth and working connection between the two touched me.

I could sense their friendship and the interplay of masculine and feminine qualities much needed in the world in their interaction.

Plus I grew up in Australia and to hear this sensible clear Aussie voice offering so generously energy transmission was a tonic for me.
Energy Expert David Router
Creator of Energetics
  Meet Your Teacher

For more than thirty years, internationally recognised Australian native, David Router, has shared his exceptional gifts and insights in the world of subtle energy and Functional Consciousness. He is considered a Master Consciousness /Energy Instructor and Healer’s Healer by those who have experienced his work.

David is dedicated to helping others lead more self-fulfilled lives, and to reconnect with the deepest core of their being through the systems of exercises he has developed. He has helped countless individuals heal from the effects of psycho-emotional, spiritual and physical trauma and to regain the ability to lead their lives with inner peace and clarity.

Questions and Answers
How long do the sessions last?

90 minutes

Do I need to attend the live sessions?

It's best if you can attend the sessions live, but if you have to miss one, there will be a recording each week.

Will there be recordings?

Yes, each session will be recorded and published within 24 hours of the session. We recommend you do your absolute best to attend live if at all possible.

I've worked with David before. Should I attend this class?

David's work is constantly evolving so attending this class will bring you his most recent discoveries and the newest energy upgrades. It's highly recommended to attend this class even if you've done a lot of work with David. Also the group energy is especially powerful.

I prefer to work one on one. How can I do that?

We're encouraging everyone to attend this class, whatever your preference. Group classes are extremely powerful. David is a master at working with the energy of the group to enhance your individual experience. If you want to work one on one with David, please do the group class first, to prepare your energy.