Transformation Collection



A meditation on the inherent beauty that is you, spoken directly from your deepest self.

On The Edge Of The Unknown

Jump into the river of now, as you celebrate the aliveness of the present moment. There’s nothing like the exhilaration that emerges from surrendering certainty and embracing the mystery of life, moment by moment. 

Towards The Light

Allow this transformance to help you turn towards the Light that is in every moment of your life, often forgotten or misunderstood, but always present.

Listen - This Is You

Listen deeply to the small voice within you and touch into the sweetness of your soul. 

Self Love

A tender self- inquiry exploring the terrain of what it might take to experience genuine self- acceptance and self-appreciation, simply, humbly and organically. 

Love Meditation With Niko

Join Niko Dujmovic, Sarah McCrum's husband, for a beautiful, immersive meditation on love.

Be Still

Enter the deep stillness at the core of life. Give yourself the gift of listening to a pristine transmission,, a breath of fresh air that you will find in the space between your thoughts, actions, identities and plans. 


Listen. Listen to the quiet knowing within your heart and soul that remembers who you are. You are stillness, now, always and forever. Allow this transformance to remind you. 



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