Money Collection


Money Is The Energy Of Love

Use this transformance to align to the true energy of money, a field of consciousness that wants us to relax, enjoy our lives and fulfill our dreams. 

Money Speaks: Love Money, Money Loves You

Spoken directly from the loving consciousness of money, you are invited into a completely new way of relating to an extraordinary energy that touches every part of your life. This is the first chapter of Sarah McCrum's book, Love Money, Money Loves You, set to music by Gary Malkin.

Money Speaks: Why Are You So Afraid Of Me?

Money intimately asks why you insist on projecting fear into your relationship with this generous, loving energy.

Money Speaks: You Are Enough

The generous energy of money reminds you that you are no longer served by looking at your life through the eyes of scarcity. There is enough and you are enough.

River of Gold: A New Experience of Money

Soak yourself into a river of gold, where the true essence of money reveals herself as a place where you are renewed, refreshed, nourished, and connected to the life you dream of.

The Wealth That Lies Within

A potent reminder that your inherent value endures within you, regardless of the outer circumstances of your life.

The Loving Presence of Money

An elegant dance into the field of money where love, generosity, ease, and delight surround you with flow and connection.


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