Sarah McCrum invites you to
The Future of Money NOW
Integrating The Shadow Polarities In Our Relationship With Money So We Can Collectively Shift From Fear To Love
A Landmark Event in the Evolution of Money - Starts 4 October
The Future of Money NOW is a three-part, live, online event using Systemic Constellation Work to explore the future of our collective relationship with money.

The question we will focus on is:
How do we integrate the shadow polarities of money, and what we have done in the name of money, so that we (Humanity) can shift from fear to love in relation to money?

Our intention is to
  • Shift patterns in consciousness through direct personal experience.
  • Plant new seeds of possibility in the collective consciousness.
  • Transform our relationship with money individually and collectively for good.

Please join us in this world-changing event, where you will experience profound learning for yourself and contribute directly to the evolution of money itself.
Which Future Do You Choose?

Many of us dream of a world and an economy that supports the regeneration of our natural ecosystems and the flourishing of all life. We imagine a time when people will be thriving in healthy environments all over the planet.

At the same time, we are appalled at what has been done, and continues to be done, in the name of money - the greed, abuse of power and destruction of life. It can feel overwhelming a lot of the time and it's hard to know how to make a significant contribution when facing such a huge challenge.

A Powerful Way to Shift the Direction of Our World
When you and I, as individuals, come together as a collective, we have the power to shift the narrative and the direction of our world.

Facing our own stories around money and integrating our own shadow polarities is a significant first step. Far more impactful is to work together to combine our energies and our stories, for the sake of the evolution of all of us who live on Earth.

When we listen to the messages from the shadow of money — both light and dark shadows — and explore the movements towards integration and beyond, we have the opportunity to influence the entire field of the energy of money on this planet for the benefit of all life.

That is the purpose of The Future of Money NOW.

I’ve always felt that money was never meant to be soul-less. The missing element that Sarah brings to her work with money is the highest and most powerful frequency in the universe - LOVE. It’s nigh on impossible to grasp the profundity of the difference this makes to our understanding of money, until you have listened to, worked with, and learned more about how love and money are interlinked in ways that we have never imagined. All I can say is if you want more of both in your life, do whatever it takes to unravel your misconceptions and transform your consciousness about them… and then watch your life  change.

Sandi Sedgbeer
Talk TV/Radio Host, journalist, and author

Join The Future of Money NOW
This is the perfect way to take action in this time of financial instability and rapid change.

When you experience what is happening in the energy field of money and realise how connected we all are, you will be using your inner power to influence the collective evolution of money for the good of all life.

You will experience a sense of agency and significance that speaks deeply to our true potential as human beings living on a beautiful planet.
Some of the Outcomes You Can Expect From Taking Part

● A deeper personal experience of the energy of money
● Powerful transformation in your relationship with money
● Greater understanding of the dynamics that affect money globally
● A meaningful contribution to the evolution of our financial systems
● Integration of the shadow polarities in our collective relationship with money
● A perspective into the future of money
Wow that was a powerful constellation yesterday ! It opened me up to seeing myself not just as a catalyst. I was given the sense that I am a City Intuitive — that my life has been about acquiring the paradigms, models and tools to offer diagnoses and create healthy habitats —my purpose/spirit has always somehow enabled an intuition of place, space and grace. This insight is enormously humbling and enabling.
Marilyn Hamilton
Founder of Integral City, speaking about a constellation with Diana Claire Douglas
How Does a Collective Constellation Work?

3 Meetings Over 3 Weeks
This is a three-part, online experience. We will meet for 3 hours in Week 1, 3 hours in Week 2 and 2 hours in Week 3. Meetings will take place in Zoom.

Constellation Exercises
We are using Systems Constellation Work as the basis for the three sessions.  Our Expert Facilitators will lead the entire experience, using this powerful modality for exploring collective issues.

Immersive Experience 
This is not a heady program where you need to take lots of notes. It's an immersive experience where change emerges naturally from taking part. You will need to be able to concentrate and be fully present for the entire event.

It is essential that you join us live. You cannot participate through recordings.

What Are the Topics?
Week 1
Exploring Your Personal Relationship With Money

You will participate in a series of experiential exercises to help you explore your personal relationship with money in preparation for the Collective Constellation in Week 2. It will be highly interactive, working in breakout groups as well as with the whole group. You can expect to discover a lot about how you relate with money that you may not have been aware of before.

Week 2
Collective Constellation for the Future of Money
A small group of experienced Representatives will represent various key elements and aspects of our collective relationship with money. Our Facilitators will lead them through a series of questions and responses to explore what happens to money as we change various dynamics around it. The Representatives step out of being themselves and take on the energy of whatever aspect they are representing. They report to the entire group what they are experiencing as the event unfolds.

The rest of the group act as Witnesses to the experience. You may choose to connect specifically with one of the Representatives or to witness the whole experience. The act of witnessing is very significant. You will find yourself experiencing in your body and energy field what is going on in the constellation. And the act of witnessing impacts the Field at the universal level of consciousness.
Week 3
Reflection and Expansion
We all meet together to reflect on the previous week. Witnesses may share their stories which are an important addition to the emerging future of money. This builds on the collective constellation, bringing new insights into the field and grounding the experience for the entire group.
Session Dates and Times
Session 1
US/CA: Tuesday 4 October from 12pm to 3pm PT / 3pm to 6pm ET
EU: Tuesday 4 October from 8pm to 11pm UK / 9pm to Midnight CET
AU: Wednesday 5 October from 5am to 8am AEST / 6am to 9am AEDT

Session 2
US/CA: Tuesday 11 October from 12pm to 3pm PT / 3pm to 6pm ET
EU: Tuesday 11 October from 8pm to 11pm UK / 9pm to Midnight CET
AU: Wednesday 12 October from 5am to 8am AEST / 6am to 9am AEDT

Session 3
US/CA: Tuesday 18 October from 12pm to 2pm PT / 3pm to 5pm ET
EU: Tuesday 18 October from 8pm to 10pm UK / 9pm to 11pm CET
AU: Wednesday 19 October from 5am to 7am AEST / 6am to 8am AEDT

Your Host and Expert Facilitators
Sarah McCrum, Founder of Liberate Humanity, invited Diana Claire Douglas, Founder of Knowing Field Designs and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Founder of the Hague Centre for Global Governance, to lead this Collective Constellation, based on their many years of experience of working together in this way. 
About Sarah McCrum
Sarah is an author, educator and business innovator. She's the Founder of Liberate Humanity and creator of the program, Thank You Money, based on the principles of her book, Love Money, Money Loves You. She's also Co-originator of the LOVE TO Group, which brings capital to the grassroots people who improve ecological and social wellbeing for all of us.
About Diana Claire Douglas
Diana Claire is a systemic facilitator, coach, and consultant. She brings to her facilitation her love for Life as an artist, author, researcher, and grandmother. She is lead Constellator for The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence and for Integral City. She is co-founder with Anne-Marie Voorhoeve of The Hague Center for Field Inquiry (action research using a phenomenological approach). Her book on Constellating for the Collective is Whole Systems Design: Inquiries in the Knowing Field, 2022.
About Anne-Marie Voorhoeve
Anne-Marie is co-founder and strategic connector of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence and a core team member of the WholeWorld-View & Unity Community. She is a strategist, social architect, innovative co-creator, experienced facilitator, coach and ECOintention Practitioner. She contributes to the integral transformation of society into a regenerative world, with focus on the heart intelligence and the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine.
What is a Collective Constellation?
Why is it such a serious topic?
A Collective Constellation is a branch of Systemic Constellation Work. It is an experiential and embodied process that allows us to explore and experiment with deep questions. It is also a philosophy of Life; a body of extraordinary teachings and knowledge including premises, principles, and themes; and a world-wide community of Participants, Constellators, Trainers, and Institutes.

Systemic Constellation Work is about being in right relationship with Life and all our ancestors. It is a creative process that calls on all we are, all we have done, all we have experienced, and all that we are to become. It looks at questions and issues from a systemic perspective: individual within their family system (called Family Constellation Work), workplace within organizational  systems (Organizational Constellation Work), and the most recent branch applied to social issues within the larger collective
(Collective Constellation Work) or Constellating for the Collective.

There are two aspects that differentiate Systemic Constellation Work from other processes. The sacred container for this work is called the Knowing Field. Like WiFi, it is invisible and yet everywhere. And when in the Knowing Field, participants, representing or witnessing different elements in the system, have the ability to be receptors for the messages from the Field. This direct experience is beyond our intellectual minds. Everyone who joins these sessions will have the opportunity to be both Witnesses and Representatives.

Questions and Answers

How do I access the program?

It will be hosted live on Zoom.

Will there be recordings?
No. This is an entirely live experience. You must be able to show up on each of the three days and stay fully present for the entire experience. 
Why are the sessions so long?
This is a profound, collective experience that is intended to make a difference across the entire world. This is the length we need to fulfil on that intention. 
Why are the sessions so early/late?
We know this is late for Europeans and very early for Australians. It's the only time we can arrange a more or less global group and we feel this is important, given the topic we are exploring. We hope you will see the significance of taking part and find a way to make up on lost sleep when you can. 
Why is it such a serious topic?
We used a special methodology, based on constellation work, to identify the topic and the question. It became clear that it's time to face the shadow polarities in our relationship with money, even though it feels uncomfortable. We believe it's important to do something that is powerful and makes a difference. Money has a big role to play in our future and we've gone as far as we can in the old paradigm. Now it's time for us to step forward into a new paradigm. That always takes some inner work and integration. It's easier and more rewarding to do it together. 
Why are you charging for this event? I can't afford it.
There are a few reasons why we decided to charge for this event. The first is that it costs us a lot to put it on because we are working with a team of highly experienced international experts. There is a huge amount of work in preparing and delivering this experience and it's essential that we pay them to show respect and value for what they are doing. Many of the lead participants are giving their time free of charge for many hours, which is very generous of them, but we wouldn't dream of asking that of the core facilitation team.

The other reason we are charging is because of the scale of the event. If it was a 60 or 90-minute webinar, we would offer it free. We do that regularly and anyone is welcome to join as many of our free webinars as they like. This is 8 hours of powerful, experiential learning over 3 weeks, so it's more like a course than a webinar. We don't think anyone would expect us to run our courses free of charge.

If we do everything free of charge, we don't make any money. Then our team can't make any money. Then the people they buy things from don't make money. And the world becomes poorer and poorer.

So a major part of this event is to help us shift into a more balanced, equitable relationship with money. It starts with valuing people's work and paying for it as best we can. 
How can I prepare for the event?

There are two books that would be useful preparation. Sarah's book, Love Money, Money Loves You, is a series of messages from the energy of money, speaking through Sarah's pen. It gives you a unique and profound insight into the true world of money that lies behind our modern financial systems.

Diana Claire Douglas's book, Whole Systems Design: Inquiries in the Knowing Field, will give you the background to Collective Constellations along with several examples of how it works in action.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No, we're not offering a money-back guarantee this time, because it's a live event and it requires your full participation and preparation. If you experience a genuine emergency and are unable to attend at the last minute, please contact [email protected] and we may be able to refund you in this case. 

Can I promote this as an affiliate?

No, we're not offering affiliate payments for this event. 

Can I share this with my community?
Yes, you're welcome to share this page with your community or friends. If you bring 5 people or more we would be happy to give you a free ticket to say thank you. Please contact [email protected] with the names of 5 of your participants to claim your free ticket. 
It's Time to Draw a Line in the Sand

It's your turn to choose a future that speaks to the beautiful potential of life on Earth.

Individually and collectively, we have the power to influence the future of money and our economy, if we are willing to take full responsibility in our relationship with it.

It doesn't matter how much shadow work you've already done. This will be different. It is an energetic activation of a process for us to collectively redeem the crimes that have been committed in the name of money. It will help us liberate ourselves from the chains of our history and move forward together towards a better world.

The Future of Money NOW is an invitation for you to be a part of this powerful, live activation.

Are You Ready To Participate?
US$297 (early bird $250 before 20 September)
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