Find Your Leading Edge: Navigating Together To A Future That Works

Sarah McCrum invites you to a free live webinar series

Find Your Leading Edge

Navigating Together To A Future That Works

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US/CA: 3 November at 3.30pm PT / 6.30pm ET
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Asia: 4 November at 6.30am SG
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A More Beautiful Future Requires More Beautiful Ways Of Human Operating
In this webinar we explore 5 key elements of life that enable you to navigate towards a more beautiful world with courage and confidence and achieve real results.
How to be more soulful in all aspects of your life and why it's important for the future.
How to enhance your business results beyond the normal level and grow your influence as a result.

How to find your way towards your greatest vision when there's no formula and no predetermined pathway to success.
How to develop and use special abilities to achieve the (apparently) impossible.

How to shape the future through direct, conscious creativity.

About Sarah McCrum

Sarah is an author, educator and business innovator. She's the Founder of Liberate Humanity, which is a place for learning and sharing the skills for liberation of the human spirit.

Sarah has spent more than 20 years teaching and coaching business owners and their families. She's the creator of the innovative programs, Thank You Money and The Leading Edge, based on the principles of her book, Love Money, Money Loves You. Over 10,000 people have completed courses with Sarah, building a relationship with life and money that's founded in love, abundance, generosity and nature.

She’s also co-Originator of LOVE TO, a group of Mutual companies that have created new financial products, backed by the regeneration and protection of nature and human wellbeing. LOVE TO has been built from the ground up on the principles of Sarah’s book and work. It’s an example of what’s possible when we build businesses based in the spirit of generosity.