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This very small ebook is for people who feel called to contribute to making the world a beetter place. It will show you how to turn the many challenges you'll face along the way into beautiful outcomes.


How wonderful to have such light being shed on this previously greatly misunderstood, yet vital and integral element of life!  Groundbreaking stuff, this. Thank you for discovering, delving into, and disseminating what you’ve gleaned from this important approach to the subject of money, Sarah. I greatly appreciate your work and enjoy putting it into practice.
Kyla Wood

Loving, Strong and Powerful
Full of empowering information. Tears of appreciation and an idea popped into my mind. Really beautiful loving course.
Vivienne Chambers-Brown

Inspiring and very well structured
I found this journey very rewarding, it has helped me shed light in some steps I took for granted. It made me more aware of how my personal journey is unfolding. Thank you. So much.

Filipa Ferreira

About the Author
Most people experience fear and stress around money and they’re not aware how much it’s influencing their business, financial and family life, and especially their impact in the world.

Sarah McCrum is a teacher and author who helps gamechangers and purpose-led business owners create a healthy relationship with money so they can fulfill their purpose AND create the impact they desire.

Over 10,000 people have joined her online courses, based on her book, Love Money, Money Loves You.

"Today, I felt very alive. I shall remember it always. You’ve helped me start to mend my broken hearted view of our world."
Deniz Botkin