Working Light Case Study
 David Smith 
 Geologist and consultant to the mining industry 

I was so surprised at where the course led me. Because I was 55 years old and my whole life had been about pushing for results. And then I learned that actually pulling is way more effective and more fun. That's the biggest thing that I've learned from Working Light … and it’s a complete game changer for me and my work life and my personal life.

David is a geologist and consultant to the mining industry, who lives and works in the USA. In his work, he’s primarily motivated to do a good job, connect with the Earth, and find ways for mining to be more sustainable. He’s also motivated by finding ways to work at deeper, more effective levels, which was one of the key benefits he received from doing Working Light.

We sat down with David to hear about the impacts of the course on his work and personal life.

What attracted you to doing Working Light?
“I think I'd been working with Sarah for a couple of years at that point and so the first appeal was that Sarah was putting on the course. It sounded great; work less hard and get more done, with more flow. Okay! How could I pass that up? That really was the appeal - working in a different way that sounded easier and more effective.”

David actually did the course twice: first with live calls and a group, and a second time working through the materials on his own. 

I did it first in June 2018, and I got to the end of it and I realised I hadn't really done all the exercises or listened to all the Activations. I felt like I missed an opportunity. Because it was all online, I went back and did it myself alone in October of 2018. And then I really got it, because I really stuck to the schedule, and I did all the ectivations in order every week and it really sunk in. I understood what this is all about and it was transformative.

What was the impact of the Working Light course on your work? What changed?
The real epiphany for me was understanding that Working Light is actually about pulling results. It's not about pushing. I used to think (many of us think) that in order to get something done, you have to push, push other people, push toward a result. What I learned through Working Light is that it's exactly the opposite. You're getting clear about what you want. You're opening up for that result to come to you. It's a different stance, a different experience and that was huge for me, because it felt so much more relaxed, so much more free and so much easier. It was a major eye-opener. 

The biggest thing that's changed for me is understanding that when I have to get something done, the thing to do is not to push. The thing to do is to settle in and relax, and ground myself and centre and open up and to receive that result. And for guidance - to ask my guides to deliver that. And so my work life has become much more relaxed and it has much more flow.”

What has been the impact of Working Light on your personal life?
“It's allowed me more time to relax and to be with my family. It's created more flow. Because part of what I've learned in working this way is to invite and identify a sense of flow, and that has flowed over into my personal life. So I'm not as concerned or uptight about trying to make things happen in a certain direction or sequence. I'm more able to identify what I want and open up and invite that. The principles of Working Light have really applied through my entire life. So it's not just about working. It's really a way of moving in the world.”

What do you think has been the biggest impact of taking the course?
The biggest impact is knowing that I have support. I really tangibly feel the presence of my guides and their support. That has allowed me to feel a lot more comfortable with whatever is happening in the moment. Because I no longer feel alone - that I'm the only person who has to handle this. I know I have guidance that can support me, that can help deliver results, and that can help me be clear about where to go and what to do next. And that has resulted in a whole lot of relaxation. I'm so grateful for that. So, gratitude and enjoyment are huge pieces, big results of Working Light.

I am just so grateful for understanding this, and these new ways of moving. And I think that I enjoy my work more, because it's just easier and more enjoyable.

What did you most enjoy about the course?
“I most enjoyed the rhythm - just really sinking into the daily Activations. And really getting immersed in the experience of what Sarah guides you through.”

Who do you believe would most benefit from this course?
“Any human who is working and curious about change! I think it requires an openness to a paradigm shift of viewing how to work, and on some levels, the nature of reality. You have to be open-minded about energy and the unseen world that is tangible if you tune into it. But I think that even if you weren’t fully open to that, you would probably still get wonderful benefits just by listening to the Activations.

If I were talking to my friend, Dylan, I would say, ‘dude, this is going to turn your whole work life upside down, because you're working way too hard and you don't need to. And you're pushing and you're gonna learn to pull. So just take the course and trust me!
If I'm talking to someone I don't know quite so well, I would say ‘it's a completely different way of looking at how to accomplish things. It puts you in touch with your own guidance, which we all have. And it allows you to be more clear and more free and more relaxed in your work. And to get more done with doing less.

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