Love Money, Money Loves You
Gift Box Package
Love Money, Money Loves You
Gift Box Package
Gift Box Package includes

Love Money, Money Loves You Book (2022 Edition)
Video: On the Edge of the Unknown


Questions and Answers

How many boxes can I purchase at the same time?
You can purchase multiple gift boxes at the same time, to be shipped to a single address.
Can I ship to multiple addresses in one order?
No. You can only ship to one address per order. Please make separate orders for different addresses.
Where can I ship to?

At the moment we can only ship within the following regions; UK, Europe, US and Canada.

When can I expect to receive my gift box?
We estimate it will take around 10-15 days for the delivery to arrive.
Can I return or get a refund for the gift box?
You can't return the gift boxes. But if there's something missing or broken inside the box, please send us a photo to let us know and we will replace it. Note that the box itself may get damaged in the post and we cannot replace damaged boxes. 
Can I add a personalised message after purchase?
Unfortunately you can't send a personalised message with your purchase.
What if I want to make a larger order (10+ boxes)

Please get in touch with us on if you want to make a larger order. We only have limited numbers in stock at any time. 

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