To Liberate Humanity is to Liberate Your Spirit

Next level healing, transformation and liberation
for individuals and families

Liberation To Shape The Future

Give yourself the freedom to be you.

Unconstrained by the expectations and limitations of other people.

Live your fullest expression of life in the way you choose.

Your freedom is your ultimate gift to all of us.

It’s your generosity, love, and creativity being shared.

Freedom A Value That Unites Us

As we move towards a world that works for all of us,

the leaders of the old world order can sense that their power is diminishing.

New voices are rising. People are waking up. 

Enlightened ways of thinking about money are emerging. 

Business leaders are stepping up to take responsibility for solving the world’s biggest problems. 

There’s a rapidly growing movement of people who are hungry to be fully alive 

and do whatever it takes to assure a future where nature is flourishing and people are thriving. 

Liberate Humanity was founded by Sarah McCrum who believes in a society that is fundamentally based in love, generosity and a deep understanding of the essence of being human. 

She’s an author, educator and business innovator who has spent more than 20 years teaching business owners and their families to live and run their business in alignment with their true self.

Our Courses and Community Redefine Your Future

Experience a community where you’re free to be you.

Meet people who care so much about life that they choose to live fully.

Discover practical, grounded skills that you can share with others.

Explore how you can personally contribute to liberating humanity.

Redefine the story of your future to one that you love.

Liberate Your Relationship With Money

The way we view money lies at the heart of our most challenging global problems. 

Our book, courses  and community liberate your relationship with money. Then you can naturally align your purpose, work, business and life with your true self. 

Liberate Your Energy

We believe everyone, including children, should learn the fundamental skills of natural healing and energy.

It’s one of the most direct and effective ways we can each take responsibility for solving and preventing problems. 

It’s a fast track to liberation, through a practical, useful, applied skill.

Liberate Your Spirit

We are on the edge of the unknown and we need new skills to navigate life in the coming years. 

Here you can learn specific skills that liberate your spirit so you can live fully. 

More fully alive people make life work better for all of us. 


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